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Experience & Service

ACS has provided products and services to industry for over 30 years. Whatever the catalytic application, our team has the experience. We are especially proud of the quality of our service, founded on a desire to service the catalytic needs of our customers throughout their process lifecycle.

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    Vertical Integration

We manufacture catalysts to customer specifications from the ground up. Our capabilites allow for the production of catalysts using varied substrates, custom geometries, and needs-based formulations.

Research & Analysis    

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We boast an in-house laboratory staffed with dedicated researchers and equipped for chemical and material forensics. This affords unparalleled quality control and expansive customer service capabilites.

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ACS offers oxidation catalyst to eliminate carbon monoxide and volatile organics from combustion exhaust.
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ACS offers NOx targeting catalyst, including stoichiometric (three-way) catalyst and SCR.
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Gas purification
ACS offers deoxygenation, dehydration, and other purification methods for gas streams.
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Comprehensive Catalytic Service

Servicing The Entire Lifecycle

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Custom Product Development

Customer portal for sizing/part picking, custom geometries, vertical integration, production directly from raw materials, patented chemistry for targeting selected pollutants, engine and pressure drop data, and more.

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Washing and Testing

We recover catalysts from the field for washing and testing, clearing the catalyst of poisons and validating their performance.

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Recycling and Reclamation

We manage the recycling and precious metal recovery process, reimbursing customers at market rates.

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we serve industry

Power Generation
Gas Purification
Midstream Oil and Gas
Industrial Heating
Pollution Control
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